"Protected by Viper, stand back." When you talk about Viper alarms and remote starters that's the first thing you think about. They have been leading the way in remote starters for a very long time and they continue to push the boundaries with new technology and innovations.

The Basics

Remote Starters

While the title says the basics there is still a ton of options to choose from when choosing a Viper remote starter. We can do anything from integrating into your factory key fob up to giving you a full LCD screen fob with over a mile range. With a Viper fob you can get ranges from 1000ft, 3000ft, or a mile as well as having 2-way communications with your vehicle!

The Future


Lets face it smartphones, apps, and bluetooth is the future... But honestly the future is now. The Viper SmartStart allows you to control and monitor your vehicle right from your Smartphone. Lock, unlock, trunk, start, and even GPS tracking are some of the features when using the Viper SmartStart app. While the SmartStart does require a yearly fee Viper has just released a new innovation with DS4 that has bluetooth built into the remote starter. With the built in bluetooth you can use your smartphone just as you would with the SmartStart. The only difference is the range using the bluetooth is limited to 150ft as of now. Viper has said tho, that as the bluetooth in phones gets better the range with increase do to the chip in the DS4 is already capable of further range. The DS4 is the future of vehicle control and its here now!

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