Car audio


The average person spends 101 minutes a day in a car. You wouldn't sit and watch a bad movie for that long. So upgrade your ride with some audio/video and start enjoying your time spent in your car. Don't forget about a remote start too. Nothing like getting in your car when there is snow on the ground and it's already nice and toasty inside.

Motorcycle audio


It's a beautiful day out, the bike is shining in the sun, the breeze is just enough and you got your factory system playing... it's a perfect day to ride... Then all of a sudden you get stuck in some traffic or come to a red light. Now you can no longer hear your music over the car next to you or even the bike next to you. While you're now annoyed, that bike next to you is still smiling enjoying his ride, because he's already figured out. An upgraded audio system adds so much more to the joy of riding.

marine audio


You know whats irritating? When you take the time to drive down and get the boat out for the day. You get out to the perfect spot on the water, set anchor, and cannon ball into the water. You surface only to realize you can't even hear your music!!! We can solve that in so many ways with amps, wake tower cans, and even dual controls.